There are no prerequisites for the courses except for a privately owned PC or laptop to download the subtitling software. There are no minimum or prior education requirements.

Anyone who considers themselves to fall under the following categories, although the course is open to anyone with a desire to educate themselves about subtitling or closed captioning.

  • Translators or interpreters
  • Bilingual speakers
  • University students
  • Media translators or interpreters
  • Second language teachers
  • Media content professionals
  • Individuals seeking professional audiovisual and media training
  • Individuals seeking to enter the TV and Film industries
  • Freelancers working from home
  • Fansubbers who are looking to become professional subtitlers
  • Retired professionals
  • EZTitles clients
  • Recent graduates or students
  • Cinema enthusiasts

Each individual course has its own defined objectives. Please click on the course below to see the same:

Our courses are compelling online courses with stunningly simple, easy-to-follow modules. All courses are given via our Learning Management System. You will be able to view the course as many times as necessary. You can work on your course anytime of the day or evening through unlimited access to course content.

A: For PC-based participants:

EZTitles will work on any modern-day computer with a CPU that supports SSE2 instructions.
It all depends on the video files you will use. Full HD (1080p) files will require more power then NTSC files, for example.

B: For Mac-based participants:

Please note that EZTitles is Windows-compatible only and can be used on a MAC only if Windows is emulated. This can be done either by Parallels, VMWare or BootCamp.

Students are connected with their tutor via email and the Learning Management System.

Once you have completed the course, you will earn a certificate.

For more information regarding certification, please click on the following link: Go to Certification

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We currently accept payments via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Our courses are offered in Euros and in Dollars. The course related fee is non-refundable once the course materials have been sent to the student.

Do not worry, your license will be extended in order for you to successfully complete the course.