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  • Vivien Mihaly

    I can honestly say I loved every second of this course. My tutor was amazing and responded to every stupid question I had with both speed and encouragement. I would do it again in a flash and hopefully will secure myself some great jobs in this line of work. Thanks GOSUB!

    Octobre 2016
  • Nathália de Moura D'Ajello

    Firstly, I would like to thank you all for this opportunity. The course is wonderful, the price is fair, and the knowledge that we gain by taking these classes is priceless. Also, I need to thank my tutor for her support, caring and patience in teaching her students. Always ready to answer any questions, always available (even on a Sunday) and very, very attentive and considerate. I´ve had a wonderful experience taking this course and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to learn how to subtitle. Thank you again! I am truly grateful for having got acquainted with you all.

    Septiembre 2015
  • Sulet Bosman

    GOSUB is definitely worth every cent! The course objectives are very clear, instructions easy to follow and Kelly is the best tutor I have ever encountered! She supports one all the way and no question goes unanswered. She goes above and beyond to ensure one succeeds. If you love language, are looking for a new challenge and want to chase exciting audio visual material, then GOSUB is the only way to go to pave that road for you. I love my new life in closed captioning. Enroll now to create the journey of a life time.

    Enero 2016
  • Mandy Goldberg

    Completing the GoSubPro course has given me the skills and confidence to provide top-quality subtitling/close captioning/quality assurance work. I found the course to be very well structured; easy to understand and user-friendly. I received excellent support and informative feedback on all tasks completed, and have been introduced to agencies for immediate work opportunities. I would highly recommend the GoSubPro course and look forward to my new ‘work from home’ career.

    Febrero 2016

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