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  • Giulia Doriguzzi Bozzo

    I completed my course a couple of months ago, and I can only say that it was extremely interesting and well explained. And well, a course by itself isn’t much if you cannot rely on good guidance from great tutors. But here, you find it all. Karin is wonderful, always ready to follow up with whatever doubt you may have (and trust me, I bothered her with some silly questions!) and Kelly couldn’t be a better creator of opportunities, helping in every way she can. And the fact that they offer paid training after the course is just perfect, as they give you a way to practice what you learned, while adding some earnings to it. I would definitely recommend this course and these wonderful two tutors! Thank you for teaching me this new skill and putting up with my 100 questions!

    April 2018
  • Wolf Smith

    I recently completed the GoSub SDH/CC course. I found the course user friendly, and the learning process well laid out and straight forward. The communication and assistance from the team at GoSub was excellent. My questions were always clearly answered in a timely manner. I felt confident to start working as soon as I finished the course, and found there were work opportunities there waiting. I highly recommend the course, and consider it a worthwhile investment, which has now given me the freedom of location independence as a digital nomad. Thank you, GoSub.

    October 2017
  • Khalil Ayala

    I just completed the GoSub Pro course and I absolutely had a blast the whole way through. My teacher, Karin, was very helpful. She helped me with questions that I had, and provided me with excellent feedback on assignments. I now have a better understanding of subtitling and close captioning, and I am so excited to start working in this field. Anyone who is considering this line of work, I definitely recommend this course for training.

    February 2018
  • Emilie Canchon

    I recently completed the Pro course and it was fantastic experience. The course itself is organised, well-structured and, in a matter of weeks, equips you with the tools and knowledge required to work as a professional subtitler. It is most definitely a worthwhile investment to anyone who wishes to take their career in another direction or gain valuable skills.

    November 2017